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"The ‘can-do’ attitude to problem solving on and off site was instrumental in delivering the product to the client who in turn were vociferous in their praise for the completed project"
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Field Hospitals

PKL’s International Healthcare experience started in 1998 with the delivery of a field hospital to Kosovo. Other projects have followed and Moduleco now has a manufacturing base in Dubai (UAE).

Partnering with a major modular building manufacturer in the UAE, the facility was fabricated in Dubai to reduce freight cost.
The modular manufacturer constructed the facility to design parameters set out by PKL and a dedicated Moduleco project team supervised the whole process.

This facility has produced a 2,500 m2 field hospital consisting of operating theatre suites, a trauma unit and an intensive care unit for the US military in Afghanistan.
The 72 modules were fabricated, including mechanical and electrical installation (to US Standards), in Dubai for shipment to Karachi and then by road to Bagram Air Base just north of Kabul.
  This approach to the project means that all of the technical areas of the hospital were built off-site, shortening the total construction period and ensuring strict quality control.In addition, although this facility was designed and constructed as a permanent hospital, it can be dismantled and moved elsewhere should the US military see fit in years to come.
The UAE fabrication base allows Moduleco to be part of international healthcare activities and supply facilities at competitive prices to the Middle East, South & South East Asia and North & East Africa.

Contact us if you have a requirement for healthcare facilities in the above regions.