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Design & Construction

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Advanced Off-Site Manufactured Modular Healthcare Facilities

We pride ourselves on the quality and sustainability of the facilities we manufacture, and the process in which our clients’ needs are met.

We are the leading provider of high-quality, fast-track, modular healthcare facilities in the UK, we are fully capable of meeting any facility brief and offer permanent modular solutions built to the same, if not higher, specifications as conventionally built facilities with no compromises on quality, or compliance.

Turnkey Modular Healthcare Construction

We offer a complete hospital design and construction service, built to the highest quality which ensures the very best healthcare environment for patients and the clinical teams that care for them.

Our in-house design team has 20 years experience in modular building techniques and over 15 years of experience in specialist healthcare design. Our team even helped write the Healthcare Building Note recommendations on in-patient ward accommodation.

The 110,000ft2 of controlled off-site manufacturing space we operate provides complete quality control and mitigates disruption to hospital estates.

We create industry-leading healthcare facilities using our unique ‘Factory-first‘ approach. Our approach to off-site construction has never delivered a project a day late.

Read more about our ‘Factory-first‘ approach.

Complete Modular Design Service

Our experienced in-house design team, innovative construction methodology and large manufacturing facility give us the capability to meet any healthcare requirement.

From complete hospital extensions to technically complex theatres, isolation wards and standalone single module MRI units, all our facilities are produced to the highest quality, with a proven track record of being on time and on budget.

We have an experienced, architect-led design team that provides a complete design service in partnership with your project team.

We are confident we can meet your brief however technically or logistically complex your requirement may be.

Read more about our approach to modular healthcare design.

Manufactured for Life

For all healthcare professionals, the well-being of your patients is at the heart of what you do.

That is why our mission is to provide you with industry leading facilities, designed to optimise your patients’ experience, promoting successful recovery in an environment of the highest quality.

Manufactured for Life
External AppearanceInternal FinishesStructurally RobustM&E ServicesInternal Height

External Appearance

Architect designed buildings have external appearance that blends in sympathetically with an existing hospital estate. Choice of materials including cladding, wood, brick etc…

Internal Finishes

Highest quality internal finishes which meet the requirements of UK building control, fire regulations & HTM/HBN performance criteria.

Structurally Robust

Robust structural frames which allow multi-storey deployments from day one, together with a 60-year structural design life.

M&E Services

We offer a full BIM and REVIT designed M&E solution, produced in a matter of weeks, created with efficiency and compliance in mind.

Internal Height

Our operating theatres boast at least a 2.9m high ceiling for the safe operation of equipment in a spacious and user-friendly working environment.

The ModuleCo Way

Manufactured for Life

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We understand that for all healthcare professionals, the well-being of your patients is at the very heart of what you do.

Off-Site Construction

ModuleCo Off-Site Construction Healthcare Modular Factory Image

We maximise off-site construction for deploying our modular healthcare facilities because we understand that minimising service interruption is crucial.

Modular Design

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We have an in-house architect-led modular design team which has 20 years of experience in modular building techniques and over 15 years of experience in specialist healthcare design.

Our Factory

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Our 110,000ft2 modular assembly facility in Gloucestershire s fully equipped to deliver our market-leading construction techniques.

Project Delivery

ModuleCo Modular Healthcare Facility Off-Site Delivery Severn Bridge Image

ModuleCo has been built on delivering mission-critical healthcare facilities in rapid timescales to meet clients’ requirements and deadlines.

Net Zero Construction

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Our ‘Factory-first’ approach to construction provides sustainability benefits in terms of operational performance and the manufacturing process itself.

Health and Safety

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Concern for Health and Safety is one of our ‘Core Values’ and critical part of the everyday working mentality of all our employees.


We provide multiple revenue and procurement solutions for the private and public sectors, specifically tailoring these services for the NHS.

Quality Assurance

ModuleCo Modular Healthcare Construction Quality Assurance Image

We strive to continuously improve the quality of our products and how we install and commission them for our clients.