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Controlled Manufacturing Space

Our modular assembly facility in Gloucestershire is fully equipped to deliver our market-leading construction techniques and has capacity to produce 4,600ft2 of modular structures every week, the equivalent of a 40-bed ward.

Thanks to its 110,000ft2 of controlled space and our skilled factory team, we regularly deliver projects simultaneously, with no compromise to project programmes or product quality.

ModuleCo is proud of the quality workmanship on display in our facilities and every client is invited to our factory premises to experience it for themselves

Having our own factory space allows us to employ our ‘Factory-first’ approach, concentrating on the factory elements of our projects to maximise the benefits of off-site construction.

This off-site assembly approach has been established through years of continuous development, ensuring a precise, clean and simple approach to the assembly of critical healthcare facilities.

The sophisticated modular construction techniques that we use, and the inclusion of pre-designed components wherever possible, allow for complex hospital facilities to be quickly assembled as products.

Creating our facilities in our own space means we offer our clients something that other construction firms can’t – a chance to tour and inspect your near-finished hospital facility before it reaches your estate.