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    Four Operating Theatre Surgical Hub Installed

    ModuleCo have installed a four operating theatre surgical hub at a world renowned Greater London hospital. The four operating theatres…More >

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    Two Operating Theatre Suites Installed at Worcestershire Hospital

    ModuleCo have recently installed two operating theatre suites at a Worcestershire NHS Hospital. Both operating theatres have a footprint of…More >

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    Twin Operating Theatre Installed at Guy’s Hospital, London

    ModuleCo has recently installed a twin operating theatre suite at Guy’s Hospital in Central London, in partnership with Guy’s and…More >

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    Twin Operating Theatre Installed at Leicester General Hospital

    ModuleCo have installed a twin operating theatre suite at Leicester General Hospital in partnership with University Hospitals of Leicester NHS…More >

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    Looking Back: Doubling The UK’s HCID Bed Capacity In Only 10-Weeks

    In March 2020, the UK was on the cusp of the first national lockdown and the Four Nations Public Health HCID…More >

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moduleco modular operating theatre image with surgeon walking through door


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