100km Charity Challenge

The importance of our employees has never been more apparent during the past year. We have been fortunate to not lose a single day of business during the pandemic, thanks largely to the stalwart commitment of our team.

Recognising the critical role our employees play in our business came long before the recent challenges brought by the pandemic. ‘People – Our Greatest Asset’ is one of our company’s core values and we strive live up to it by doing our best to look after our own, be it through workplace health and safety or our employee welfare scheme. We want the best for our people.

We believe it is important to acknowledge when someone goes above and beyond. This is straightforward enough in the workplace but what do we do when an individual does something extra-special outside of the environment we are accustomed to seeing them?

This is what came to mind when Mike Sandon, one of ModuleCo’s experienced site mangers, mentioned that he and some friends were training to take on the 100km Lake District Challenge – a continuous day and night walk in aid of Cancer Research UK.

“Don’t let the word ‘walk’ fool you, though” Mike told me. “That’s 60 miles of walking along trails, day and night, whatever the weather, with the only respite being a brief stop to replenish our water bottles at stations located every 25km. We are taking on the equivalent of 2 & 1/2 marathons with no rest or sleep, taking 24 – 30 hours to complete, with only the promise of a beer at the finish line to keep our feet moving when tiredness sets in. We are trying to raise £7,000 between us so we needed to do something big.”

Their challenge is called “The Kendal to Kendal Loop“, walking a 100km anticlockwise loop and 2,500m climb starting and finishing in Kendal, taking on tough hills, Garburn Pass, Ambleside, Lake Windermere, forests, and nature reserves – with some stunning views en route – before a hero’s welcome and celebration back at Base Camp.

They have been training hard and finding time to fundraise with the help of friends and family, all of whom have been doing an incredible job. I am pleased to say that as things currently stand, Mike and his friends have already raised £6,000 towards their target with time still in hand before embarking on their ultra challenge on Saturday 12th June.

It is important that we not only recognise when one of our team does something special like this for the good of others but support them as well. So that is precisely what we are doing. BRG Technologies is going to make a donation and promote Mike’s endeavours via our channels in the hope that others will join us by doing the same.

You can show your support for Mike and his friends by donating to their Just Giving page.

Mike, you and your friends have the support and admiration of all of us here at BladeRoom Group. We wish you all the very best during your challenge and fundraising efforts. Enjoy the well-earned beer at the finish line.

William Thornton, CEO of BRG Technologies