Musgrove Park Hospital Superficial X-ray Radiotherapy Unit Opens

ModuleCo Superficial X-ray Diagnostic Imaging Facility Lead Lining Image

Musgrove Park Hospital have officially opened the superficial X-ray modular diagnostic imaging facility delivered by ModuleCo earlier this year.

A superficial X-ray facility provides a type of external radiotherapy that treats cancer on or close to the surface of the skin. Superficial radiotherapy use low energy x-rays (photons) or electrons so that the radiation does not travel far into the body. The treatment works by damaging the DNA in the cancer cells within the area it is applied.

This superficial X-ray facility, though smaller than our typical facility size, is significant in its complexity owed to its substantial 14mm lead lining.The lead lining was applied to the floor, walls and ceiling, in addition to a 750kg lead lined door, adding considerable weight to our already robust module design. The heaviest module we installed weighed in at an incredible 35 tonnes when only 8 meters in length.

Learn more about the Musgrove Park Hospital superficial x-ray radiotherapy facility unit on our project page.